A bit about me…

Hi, my name is Denise.

I started Lilly in 2007, making and selling pretty jewellery for girls. My 7 year old daughter was fascinated by all the beads and charms and loved joining in. She in turn had lots of friends who also loved the beads and liked making jewellery too.

It soon became clear that there are lots of little girls (and big ones too) who love nothing more than getting creative and learning to make a pretty, unique piece of jewellery – and that is where the idea for Lilly in Lemon Jewellery Making Parties came from.

The magical world of Lilly in Lemon has now arrived in Bristol. We would like to welcome Lilly’s new helper, Karen, who will be hosting Lilly’s parties throughout the Bristol area.

All Lilly in Lemon helpers are CRB/DBS checked.

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