How long will my Party last?

We find that one hour is ideal for a Lilly’s Garden Party, allowing our younger guests just the right amount of time to be totally absorbed in making a special bracelet or necklace to treasure.

An hour is also plenty of time for a Lilly’s Jewellery Box Party, although our guests at this age are more than happy to extend to one and a half hours to allow time to make a matching bracelet and necklace.

Please also note that we will arrive with you 15 minutes before the party start to set up and will generally need the same time to clear away at the end.

How Many Friends Can I Invite?

We like to work from a table with chairs so this will often dictate the number of guests you invite, ideally 6-12 at home, or up to 15 at a larger venue.

We like to restrict the numbers as, with all groups, some need more help than others and we want everyone to feel that they are getting all the instruction and any assistance they may need.

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